Amala Paul starts Amala Home foundation to help visually challenged people

05 March 2018     Comments  

Amala Paul starts Amala Home foundation to help visually challenged people

Actors Amala Paul shown keen eye in helping out people when ever it is needed and now she has come out open and not just spoken on the need for eye donation but also started a foundation called “Amala Home” which will work towards creating awareness about eye donation and generating funds for it.

Speaking about this Amala Paul says, “ While preparing speech for eye donation and surgery campaign organised by Agarwal eye care, I came across some appalling facts.

A report suggests of the 30 million people suffering from blindness across the globe, over a third are from India but what is more shocking is that 70% of this figure is curable visual disability through cornea transplants or as simple as cataract surgery. Apart from a zillion issues escalating the scenario, the biggest single one is shortage of donated eyes. Imagine so many can see, but only 40000 surgeries can be concluded in a year due to this shortage.

Not only I have pledged to donate my eyes, but also to work extensively in eye care field by launching “Amala Home”, a foundation with a sheer focus to simplify eye donation for all and help garner funds to fecilitate more surgeries for the needy.

There is a lot that needs to be done and together we can imagine a future where all can see with their own eyes, the colours of our beautiful and growing nation.


A right which every human deserves. Let’s make it happen !!!”

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